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Small Business Spotlight : Pillow Script

The founder of PillowScript, Dihandria Bright, drew inspiration from a MasterClass led by Sara Blakely, the creator and driving force behind Spanx. Sara emphasized the importance of keeping a notebook by your bedside to jot down breakthrough business ideas as they come to you. This advice proved to be pivotal for Dihandria, as in September 2019, she was struck with the innovative idea for PillowScript.

Awoken from her sleep by a burst of inspiration, she wasted no time in getting to work on her new concept. With no prior knowledge of the textile industry, Dihandria faced numerous obstacles, including skepticism from others who couldn’t grasp her vision. She encountered numerous rejections and was told repeatedly that her idea was impossible.

Despite these challenges, she remained steadfast, believing in her ability to bring her vision to life.

Life threw its curveballs, including pregnancy and the global pandemic, prompting Dihandria to temporarily shelf her project. Upon returning from maternity leave, she was determined to achieve a harmonious balance between her entrepreneurial aspirations and her new role as a mother. With renewed vigor, she committed to making PillowScript a reality.

In January of 2021, her unwavering determination began to bear fruit as she resumed work on her venture. Success was on the horizon, and on December 3, 2021, PillowScript made its triumphant debut with the launch of the LOVE Collection. Just five days after its inception, PillowScript earned a feat by being showcased in Target, one of the largest retail chains, as a part of their Black History Month collection.

I had the wonderful opportunity to conduct a virtual interview with Dihandria, during which we delved into her entrepreneurial journey and the creation of her business. She opened up about her previous endeavors as a songwriter and the challenges she faced when those efforts, as well as subsequent employment, did not pan out as hoped.We also discussed how she harmonizes between being a mother, wife and business owner and what keeps her pushing in her journey.

Dihandria’s passion for home decor ignited a spark of innovation, leading her to create PillowScript — a brand that has completely redefined the traditional throw pillow. At PillowScript, they are enriching lives and enhancing spaces through innovation, style, and purpose. Offering a range of throw pillows that are not only unique and modern but also accessible and affordable.

Dihandria's Interview With Ms.NiyaNicole

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