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Music Review: Wynne "High Standards"

Wynne has emerged as a notable figure in the Hip-Hop scene. Born in 1997 as Sina Wynne Holwerda, she felt like an outsider in Lake Oswego, a Portland suburb. Drawn to Hip-Hop by nine, she immersed herself in the genre, committing to a rap career by 12. Wynne's prowess in national cyphers solidified her underground reputation. Influenced by legends like Jay-Z and modern icons such as SZA, she gained widespread attention at 19 due to her exceptional rap skills. Music giants like Timbaland, Missy Elliot, Wyclef Jean and influential figures like Rob Markman recognized her talent. By 21, she had a degree and a debut mixtape, “If I May..”, showcasing collaborations with top producers such as Hit-Boy and artists like J.I.D. Her rise continued in the early 2020s, marked by collaborations, a sold out tour with Earthgang, and hit singles, including the viral hit “Look At You.”

Boasting over 250,000 monthly listeners, she released her latest single "High Standards," penned by her own hand. The catchy chorus goes,"High standards, call me I don't pick up I don't answer how you trying to talk with no manners come on baby F@$k I look like.." The song is dedicated to the trendsetters who groove to tunes while preparing to dazzle the town. It's for those ladies who know they're in a league of their own.Wynne's track will boost your spirits, reinforcing the idea that you're done settling and have set high standards for your life.

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