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The Wait Is Over: City Girls' New Album “Raw” Released

It's been a three-year wait since City Girls dropped their last album, and their previous release faced unexpected challenges. In June 2020, their second album “City on Lock” was unfortunately leaked in full before even its official announcement. This situation forced the duo to hurriedly launch the album. Now, with the release of “RAW”, their third studio project, JT and Yung Miami ensured everything went smoothly, even if it meant pushing back the release date multiple times over the years. Speaking to Variety, JT described the journey:

“It's a milestone for us. You ever get that feeling when you can see everything falling into place after you've waited for what seems like forever? That’s the excitement I’m feeling right now. I believe this album is going to silence many critics. I anticipate that many will initially tune in out of curiosity or skepticism, but once they give it a listen, they’ll genuinely enjoy it.”

The album "Raw", which stands for "real ass whores", boasts 18 tracks. Among these are the previously released hits “I Need a Thug,” “Piñata,” “No Bars,” “Face Down,” and “Good Love,” the latter featuring Usher. The project also showcases collaborations with prominent artists like Lil Durk in “Static”, Muni Long in “Emotions”, Juicy J with “Fancy Ass Bitch”, and Kim Petras in “Flashy”.

The catchy pop hook of “Flashy”, with lyrics like “Stylin’, shinin’ / I’m so flawless like my diamonds / I’m flashy / Big bags, price tags / You know all I wear is name brands / I’m flashy,” was teased by the duo alongside Kim Petras just a day before the album's release.

Their lyrics are bold and unapologetic, complemented by dynamic, powerful rhythms. While certain tracks might come across as intense for some, venturing into their sound reveals a distinct style that's worth a listen. City Girls certainly don't shy away from edgy content, but there's more to their music than just that. With "RAW", they prove their knack for setting the vibe right for any party. Their magnetic tunes and commanding presence on tracks are compelling. Dive into their music, and you'll discover a unique flair that's intriguing. City Girls embrace their genuine selves, and "RAW" stands as a bold declaration of their genuine essence.


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