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"Kendrick Lamar Takes the Lead in Move Afrika: A Global Citizen Experience"

Renowned rapper Kendrick Lamar is set to make history as the headliner for "Move Afrika: A Global Citizen Experience," an ambitious initiative aimed at establishing an international touring circuit across the continent of Africa. The inaugural concert is scheduled to take place in Kigali, Rwanda, on December 6, marking a significant moment in the global hip-hop scene.

Move Afrika is not just a concert series; it's a social enterprise backed by a mix of philanthropic donations and corporate funding, signaling Lamar's commitment to showcasing opportunities for artists in Africa. Global Citizen CEO Hugh Evans emphasizes the goal of spurring growth and development in small businesses across the region, providing a platform for events year-round and creating new tour routes for artists.

African artists, including Burna Boy, Rema, and Davido, have been making waves globally, prompting industry recognition with categories like "Best Afrobeats Video" at the MTV Video Music Awards and the addition of "Best African Music Performance" at the Grammys for the upcoming year.

Kweku Mandela, Global Citizen’s chief vision officer, challenges the notion that infrastructure limitations hinder large-scale concerts in Africa. He asserts that it's not a lack of resources but a lack of will, aiming to break barriers and provide Africans the same concert experiences enjoyed worldwide.

In addition to Lamar's performance, Move Afrika: Rwanda will feature regional artists curated by Lamar and filmmaker Dave Free’s creative services company pgLang. The event goes beyond entertainment, incorporating an advocacy campaign urging world leaders to address critical issues affecting Africa.

Mandela emphasizes the paradigm shift Move Afrika seeks to generate, sending a powerful message to the music industry. The initiative aims not only to unlock significant opportunities on the continent but also to underscore the necessity of embracing Africa in the evolving landscape of society and humanity.


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