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Clark Atlanta University Diverseciti™ CEO-Go

DiverseCiti™ is a concept linked to cities and metropolitan areas that foster diversity, culture, various viewpoints, and a blend of conservative and liberal values. It's a tribute to communities offering all residents chances for economic, political, and social progress.

The DiverseCiti™ initiative was launched as a platform for social entrepreneurship, offering a unique space to explore, engage with, and influence diverse businesses across various cities. The success of this initiative has spurred the growth of its ecosystem, establishing it as one of the premier resources for fostering sustainable business development in Atlanta.

Atlanta, GA, has been chosen as the first DiverseCiti™. It's a dynamic hub of international diversity, excelling in numerous sectors. Known for its entrepreneurial spirit and small business-friendly environment, Atlanta is also a leading educational center and a hotspot for young professionals. It boasts the second-largest film industry in the U.S., a vibrant music scene, and is a cultural epicenter of the South.

DiverseCiti™ is shaping the entrepreneurial landscape with the CEO-Go program. They have curated an entrepreneur experience tour-HBCU edition, showcasing Damon "Dame" Dash. The event includes an exclusive press-style preview of Dame's latest film "PRINCE OF DETROIT." It also featured three insightful panel discussions covering: Film & Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Equity, and Ownership, and The Business of Hip-Hop.

These panels offered a master class experience, delivering crucial insights and strategies for achieving recession-proof success while making a positive impact. The panel featured several distinguished speakers, including actress Terri J. Vaughn from "The Steve Harvey Show," music executive Ray Daniels, and Roc-A-Fella co-founder Dame Dash. They delved into the significance of pursuing education beyond formal schooling, the value of consistency in one's journey, and strategies for establishing a personal brand that resonates with an audience.Take a look at highlights from the panel discussion.


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