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Yandy Smith Harris : Yelle For The Culture Festival

Media entrepreneur, Love and Hip Hop Star, CEO and mother Yandy Smith-Harris, truly personifies the commitment to cultural elevation. Originally hailing from New York, Yandy has been a driving force in advancing the culture and shining a spotlight on artists and business owners alike in Atlanta.The Yelle For The Culture Festival was conceived to carve out a space for both emerging and established business owners to boost their earnings and enjoy widespread exposure.

Staged at the iconic Underground ATL, the festival took place right by some of Smith-Harris’s own ventures, including Dancing Crepes, a stylish restaurant known for their lemon drops and Yandy’s Yelle Skincare boutique—a floral and botanical haven where "The glow begins within."

The festival is a vibrant celebration that opens doors for local talents and enterprises in Atlanta to step into the spotlight and promote their offerings. It's a festive gathering replete with creative minds and neighborhood businesses, turning into a gala that's more than just a gathering—it's a cultural symphony enlivened by the entrepreneurial spirit, communal bonds, melodies, culinary delights, and sessions aimed at personal growth and enrichment.

The event showcased an array of musicians known for their conscious tunes, accompanied by a live band. Vendors from across the country converged at Yelle For The Culture. The marketplace was diverse, featuring custom clothing brands, culinary booths with vegan choices, a prodigious 8-year-old painter, artisans specializing in handcrafted jewelry, and an eclectic mix of many more unique contributors.

I attended her final festival of the year on November 4th and emerged in the vibrant and jubilant atmosphere that everyone there seemed to embody. Amidst the hustle, I observed the industrious CEO taking moments to engage with fans, answering questions, and graciously posing for photos. Yandy also made it a point to stop and converse with each of the vendors present, making her presence felt throughout the event. I had the opportunity to inquire with Yandy about what drives her to persist and be present for her own journey. Here's what she had to say in response.

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