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Reryte releases new single Don't Understand

Reryte Bio I’m a 23 year old artist from Brooklyn NY, born and raised. There were years that I moved around New York, and a couple of my very early years I spent in Pennsylvania, but majority of my life I spent in Brooklyn. I was able to see the suburbs and how they live as well as the hood. Since I moved around a lot in my younger years, it opened my perspective and allowed me to look at things in different ways and respect all walks of life I’m a producer, artist, engineer, song writer, performer, curator, and overall visionary.

This is my stage name. My artist name. This is also my message to the world. That no matter where or what you come from, you are able to evolve into something different. Into something meaningful. Everyday you have the chance to better yourself for yesterday has already past and the present is all that exists. You have the power to reinvent yourself. The power to redefine & rewrite your past for you to progress and evolve in the future. In terms of how I create art, I have many forms of expression and am constantly progressing and evolving, so my art embodies that philosophy as well. Art is everywhere, and expression should never be limited, and neither should you. My sound ranges from modern Hip Hop to RNB and everything in between.

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