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Yantee Drops New Single "Breakin Heartz"

Anthony Posadas, (Yantee) was born on December 28th 1996 in Seattle, WA. Since a young age music has always been his passion. Around the age of 23 he was finally able to build a Home Studio, which he records his music in to this day. Through years of practice, Yantee taught himself how to Mix, Record and Write his own tracks. There is never a boring song due to the many different sounds and flows throughout his tracks. Yantee currently calls Austin, TX his home and is focused on building up his Independent Label CutWGold. Below you can find contact info to get in touch with the team! Also make sure you follow Yantee's Social Medias provided below so you never miss out on upcoming events! 

Business Email - 

Insta - cutwgold_ceo 

Twitter - antmp96 

TikTok - cwg_yantee 

YouTube - CutWGold Ent.

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