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Written In The Stars: Introducing Daze Summit Journalist Ms. Niya Nicole

We're thrilled to introduce Ms. Niya Nicole, a writer whose journey is poised for greatness.

Niya is a testament to the fusion of preparedness and seizing the right opportunities, and her arrival promises a fresh breeze of success.

With a diverse background that encompasses roles as a radio programmer, engineer, and account executive, as well as co-founding, engineering, and promoting at Manifest Visions Studio in Binghamton, NY, Niya arrives in Atlanta, GA, ready to make waves.

Her expertise extends to getting you on streaming platforms, coordinating and publicizing gigs both locally and online, and even assisting in managing business affairs while forging invaluable connections to catapult your career.

What can you expect from Niya's pen? Look forward to her engaging features covering music reviews, illuminating artist and entrepreneur Q&A interviews, comprehensive music-related event coverage, insightful artist profiles, and the latest in hip-hop culture, including new music video releases and reviews. Her presence is set to become a cornerstone in the hip-hop media industry, and her journey is destined for an incredible evolution as a journalist. Stay tuned, as greatness awaits with Ms. Niya Nicole at every turn.


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