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Daze Summit was filled with amazing talent. Although each artist held their own, the list curated below separates the artists from the entertainers. You can be a dope artist but do you have the complete package? Can you command a room if the crowd is unfamiliar with your music? Can you turn a record exec into a fan? Amongst the 300 plus performers at Daze Summit here are the ones who stood out the most

A TO THE V- A to the V is unlike anything I have seen on the Daze Summit stage. Whether familiar with his music or not, that won't matter once he touches the stage. His infectious personality is on full display each time he performs. Although Daze Summit is a festival created for the next hit-makers, it is evident that A to the V has taken his time to perfect his craft. The connection he makes with his audience is unmatched, making him a stellar performer. The musical aspect of his performance displays of one who is very confident in his musical style. I predict you'll see him on a Rolling Loud stage very soon.

Songs to bump:

Mr.RichBound - Hailing from Chicago, Mr RichBound is the definition of charismatic. Bringing lyricism and storytelling to the forefront he easily impressed the likes of Shampoo from Def Jam and Mr. Too Official of Quality Control. A well-seasoned artist, his connection with the audience stemmed from his "real recognize real" attitude, leaving a lasting impression on the hip-hop heads in attendance. As the CEO of RichBound Ent, you can expect him to build a solid roster of artists all while impacting the next wave of true lyricists.

Songs to bump:

Nathaniel the Great - After shutting down New York City's famed SOB's, Nathaniel is on his way to becoming one of the greatest R&B sensations of this generation. Performing his song "cash out" the singer gave the ladies something to vibe to and the fellas some inspiration to get their money up. The music industry has lacked a true male R&B voice for quite some time. Nathaniel is a breath of fresh air and natural talent. As the women continue to dominate the R&B charts, Nathaniel is bringing some competition for the male side of R&B.

Songs to bump:

Detroit Barbie - One thing about the girlies, we love a Female MC who can talk her sh*t. Detroit Barbie stepped on the Daze Summit stage and took a piece of our hearts. From her commanding stage presence to her spicy lyrics, it was evident that she did not come to play. This beauty is indeed on her way to superstardom. Expect to see this Raptress dominating the game right next to all your favorite Femcees.

Songs to bump:

Mo Dubb - Brooklyn stand up!! Mo Dubb brought the wave to the Daze Summit Stage.

His pretty boy vibe attracts the ladies, and his songs can easily go from melodic to straight bars. The rapper/singer's diverse musical sound is the recipe for greatness. His style much like PNB Rock's, is going to place him on the map. Many say consistency takes you where talent can't, Mo Dubb has both! Can you say future XXL Freshman?

Songs to bump:

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