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Meet the panelist

Day 1 of Panels: Saturday, April 15th 

The Wave Appointment: Keys to Natural Hair Wellness
Starts: 2PM-3PM

Giving You The Game: Branding, Management and Marketing
Starts: 3:30PM- Ends: 4:30PM

Panel: The Importance of Media
 Starts: 5PM - Ends: 6PM

Mental Wellness: Community, Culture and Lifestyle
 Start: 6:15PM - Ends: 7PM

Day 2 of Panels: Sunday, April 16th 2023

Music Publishing in The ERA of Independence
Starts: 4PM - Ends: 5PM

Panel/Workshop: HipHop Streets Panel
Starts: 5:15PM: - Ends 6:15PM

 Influencer Economics: A world of Influencing
Starts:  6:30PM - Ends: 7:30PM 

We Outside: Connecting and Networking
Starts: 7:45PM - Ends: 8:45PM

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