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Dazesummit New York 2024

(April 19th - May 1st)
Prime Time Performer Stages Invite & Information

You’re invited to perform during the 8th annual DazeSummit Multi Day Festival & Conference 

in New York City. You will have an opportunity to perform this year between April 19 - May 1, 2024.


Join us for Daze, which is a summit designed to enhance the lives of our current and next generation, hence why we take proceeds throughout the festival and donate to exceptional hardworking deserving graduating high school students towards their scholarship entering into College via our founder’s S. Morris Foundation.


We appreciate all of the individuals and brands such as yourself that take their craft seriously as well as have the interest in submitting for early registration. 


REMINDER: Emails and notifications will be sent multiple times leading up towards the time of the festival, so please read everything carefully. 



  • All artists that place early down payments have the luxury of selecting which stages they’d like to perform on. 

  • Basic Registration Down Payment Price: $100 - $200 (Each Stage Varies)

  • Late Registration (NOT GUARANTEED): Full Payment Must Be Submitted

  • Late Registration (NOT GUARANTEED) Timeframe: Late March - Festival Date


FIRST COME FIRST SERVE: Only artists that complete their registration early are able to pick the stage(s) they want first. 


Submitting Your Payment & The Process:

  • Select the payment method that best works for you via what we have available

  • In the subject line of the payment you must write the subject line “Payment For DazeSummit 2024 Stage *Write Name Of Stage Here*” 

  • All deposits are non refundable 

  • Finalized & Full payments are  due by April 15, 2024

  • If you’re finalized and full payment isn’t made by April 15, 2024 you are not entitled to a refund and may not be allowed to participate


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